What Happens If Someone Hits Your Parked Car

August 06, 2020

If someone crashes into your parked car, you must first contact the police to investigate and report the accident. You would also have to consult with your insurance agent to know about the insurance coverage for such a situation.

What to Do Next? 

There are specific steps that are needed if you find someone has hit your parked car. They are as follows:

Contact the Police

The police will document the incident and make an official report that you would need to submit to your insurance company. Always keep in mind to ask for an extra copy of the report, the name, and employee ID number.

Document the Incident

You would have to find out as much information about the car crash and damage as possible. This must include location and time.

Let Your Insurance Company Know

You would have to call your insurance agent or company at the earliest after you find out about the accident as it will be convenient for you to clearly remember all the details. Your agent will tell you what information is needed to submit a claim and what to expect during the claim process. However, remember that if you drive a company car, you might need to contact your company’s insurance company. For your personal vehicle, the uninsured motorist coverage and collision coverage should work.

Look for a Driver’s Note & Find a Witness

If the driver who crashed into your parked car leaves a note, you must share the information with the police and your insurance company. If there’s no note, the best way to gather information about the accident is by interacting with a witness. You can look for adjacent shops, and talk to people who can give you detailed information about the accident. Gather as many witnesses as you can, as more information would help your insurance company conduct a prompt investigation.

The insurance coverage is also subject to the limitations of your policy. If you find that your parked vehicle was damaged during your absence, it would undoubtedly be frustrating and stressful.

However, some car insurance coverage can help prevent the situation. Contact the experts at Patterson & Associates to determine what coverage would suit you best.